Respecting the past ~ creating the future
Respecting the past ~ creating the future
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Example Projects 

In Marlborough we were asked to assist in securing planning permission for new housing on a site in the centre of the Town. There were a number of historic problems that had caused difficulties with previous applications, relating to archaeology, trees and the impact on adjoining listed buildings. Through introducing the right consultants and preparing a design that was respectful of the constraints around the site we were able to secure planning permission for 4 new houses to replace a tired office building. 

Housing site at Lion Court in Marlborough prior to development 

Housing site at Lion Court now developed for housing 

We have recently been working closely with Salisbury Cathedral in the preparation of a Master Plan to guide the projects they would like to undertake over the coming years. This has project has resulted in a Master Plan that it is hoped will be adopted by Wiltshire Council as a material consideration as projects are developed around the Cathedral Close. 

Salisbury Cathedral

Public consultation on the Salisbury Cathedral Masterplan 

Working for Sherbourne Developments we helped to secure planning approval for a replacement dwelling on a site at Boars Hill near Oxford. This site required a careful two stage approach, agreeing a re-siting of the dwelling through pre-application consultation, follwoed by a planning applicaiton for a design for a larger house that fulfilled the Council's design and Green Belt criteria. 

The original house at Birch Copse

The approved replacement dwelling at Birch Copse

In Frome we recently assisted a local physiotherapy practice who were threatened with Enforcement Action over the removal of a number of chimneys from a Victorian building they had purchased to develop as a new practice within the town. The chimneys were in poor condition and had been demolished as the building was refurbished. Having to rebuild them as the Council has requested would have meant other investment in the business would have had to be put on hold. Through providing a robust case and the right advice to the clients the Council agreed to allow the building to remain without the chimneys being reinstated and the threat of Enforcement Action was lifted. 

The Hatt Health and Movement Clinic in Frome

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